Freitag, 20. Mai 2011


Sorry for not posting the last few month.
To much work, to less time.

Had some news for you:

Left the barn in February to a much closer one at the place i live.
Now it takes me just 5 minutes to go there, not an hour driving like before.
F. is still in the old barn.Thanx to him and good luck for the future.

The 1500S is sold to Manfred, a type 34 nut, who try to bring it back on the road in its ratty condition later this summer.Cant wait to see it finished.

I look now for a better one and for the meanwhile i bought me a 1983 BMW e28 520i.
Yes, i know.. a Beeemer...
But:Just one owner ( he is now 89 years old ), 
Alpinwhite with 144tkm´s on it and perfect pacific-blue interior.
It has some minor rust and dents and the Exhaust is broken, but it has a legal MOT till next Feb.
Have much fun with that thing but a nice Type3 must come next for real satisfaction.

Here some picture Infos:
The ´64 Seeblau 1500S belongs to my garage buddy Matthias.
The Selvasgreen Mexican 1200L was my first car and comes every week a litte step closer back to life.

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