Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

5th annyversary

On 26th of May 2006, Pepitant and me 
where founding .
The Idea was a local free comunity 
of aircooled-minded cracks.

Cheri poped up and as one of many other results
our website and blog where launched in March 2007.

We´ve had a lot of fun, fine projects and all of us
found a lot of new friends.
Thanx for that!

In autum 2008 other things became important and
the Landlord´s decision to quit the rental-contract of 
our home as X-mas gift was also not very helpful.

In 2010 we ( Pepitant, Cheri and me) canceled the club
because no one of us have had the power to 
reanimate a patient witch was dead over a year.

Today, 5 years where gone after founding, 
is still alive, as a portal for Type4 fans.
I wish Daniel, who is the new owner of,
all the best for his phorum.

One of our best year was 2007.
You find a picture-Video down here.

May the spirit of the old brigade never fade out!
 CU guy´s!

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