Mittwoch, 9. Juni 2010

Barnactivities part II

Today, I was finishing the workbench.
All it needs to be finished it is some wireing 
and two shelfes for both storetrays.

My old Ikea CD storage "Benno"
was getting a new challange too.

Measurements are 240 x 60 x 95
Workshelf is made of  Birchwood
Wheight: ca 85Kg
It was taking 12 hours to build.

At Benno our Barn-HiFi find a new home.
Radio/CD, amplifier , a active 3-way frequency switch
and the power supply for all sit behind the white cover.
Power supply and light switch on the right.

A good Workbench needs his own VIN.
´73 Squareback in that case.. ; )

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