Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

1965 1500S Notch barnfind

The car problem about the rims is solved.
Bought me a 1965 1500S Notchback today at the austrian province of Waldviertel.
It was driven in this barn back in 1988 and sat there till now.

Interior is in good shape because the seats where allways covered with red seatcovers.
The whole car is a perfect base to build something nice out of it.
No missing parts and some boxes full of parts (some of them NOS in original Boxes) comes
with the car. 
Austrian title and the keys too.
As fas as I saw there is not much to weld, but I never trust a Type3 before  
I havent seen every area after some disassembling.

Sorry about the bad Iphone-pics, but i was too much excited about this find
and forgot to take more pictures or check quality of them.

Because of my time intensive job at the moment,
it will take some weeks before the Noch arrives to our barn,
so please be patient if you want to see mor of it.
Good things takes longer somtimes


  1. Cooler Fund!
    Der sieht richtig gut aus!
    Und ein 1500S! Genau der Richtige!
    Viel Spass beim In-die-Hallen-Schleppen!


  2. kanns kaum erwarte endlich dran rumzufingern.
    Bisserl dauerts noch.


  3. Toller 1500 S. Das wird mein neuer. Hatte das Glück, ihn vom Günther zu bekommen.

    Alex ( wieder ein Alex )