Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Heater chanel part two


Here the driver side.
Much less work.

Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

Heater channel part one


Cutted and cleaned

Channel is closed

Panel is closed.
Because it was to late in the night to make noise
I don not finish grinding.

I also cleaned the wheelhouse and frontpanel 
to bare metal and coated it with industrial primer. 


New vinyl seat covers and side panels delivered by

1776 first run

See here a vid of the first fire up of my freshly build 1776 engine.
For testig I put that engine into in my mexican Bug.
Ignition setting was bad and a single stock carreburator was installed
 instead of the Weber I´ve ordered 2 days before testing.
They are allready here now.

BUG (again) !

Bought me a `68 Bug and a completly restored pan for it.

 Small accident demage at the bumper bracket.

 Heaterchanel end at the front of passenger 
side need some welding.
Driver side looks good.

 This whorst repaired areas need attention too.
Same on drivers side.

Iam not a friend of this 
aftermarket Britax crap.

 OK this is a `78 pan but hey, its completly restored!

 Beam is adjustable, dropped spindles are in and 
the disc brake conversation is brand new.

Hope to find time to finish this project soon.

Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

5th annyversary

On 26th of May 2006, Pepitant and me 
where founding .
The Idea was a local free comunity 
of aircooled-minded cracks.

Cheri poped up and as one of many other results
our website and blog where launched in March 2007.

We´ve had a lot of fun, fine projects and all of us
found a lot of new friends.
Thanx for that!

In autum 2008 other things became important and
the Landlord´s decision to quit the rental-contract of 
our home as X-mas gift was also not very helpful.

In 2010 we ( Pepitant, Cheri and me) canceled the club
because no one of us have had the power to 
reanimate a patient witch was dead over a year.

Today, 5 years where gone after founding, 
is still alive, as a portal for Type4 fans.
I wish Daniel, who is the new owner of,
all the best for his phorum.

One of our best year was 2007.
You find a picture-Video down here.

May the spirit of the old brigade never fade out!
 CU guy´s!

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

The roof, the roof...

Today I was a little unmotivated to work on my Bug and 
after I found a roll of black highglossy Oracal-Vinyl at my
stuff, the Beemer gets a black wrapped roof.

Im not sure if I want to keep the look.
What do you think?