Freitag, 3. September 2010

No Barntime this summer : (

F. was on vacation the hole summer and I was 
too much busy to spend time to the Barn or my projects.
There was just a little session on the end of July to 
make some TLC to the Hulk.

It sat in some garages the last 10 years, awaiting its reanimation.
After i found the title for it at home I get hungry for it.
It runs after 10 minutes of trying to start but the clutch won´t work.
I disassembled everything to change the clutch and 
unfortunally I broke me two fingers on the left hand 
with a hammer.. what a nice experience..
A friend who was visiting me in the Barn left me just minutes before,
so i drove to the Hospital with the Manta by myselfe,
A very nice experience too.

Since this i wasnt in the Barn and the Smallframe lays 
on the floor with the inside out,
  surrounded of some tools and things.

I guess F. hates me for not cleaning up the Barn 
after i broke my fingers...


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